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Air Conditioning Repair in Cary NC

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Air Conditioning Service

The air conditioning unit service experts at Anthony's Air Service LLC will keep your unit running efficiently by keeping it clean and it working condition.

We have experience repairing and servicing air conditioning units of all types ranging from large-scale commercial units to smaller residential units and everything in between.

What sets us apart? 
Our team of licensed team of knowledgeable professionals are equipped to handle any job, large or small. We offer convenient, round-the-clock emergency services in case of an unexpected problem that you may experience in your home or business with your air conditioning unit. Furthermore, we offer competitive pricing and longstanding warranties which have you covered for years to come.

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Heating Pumps & Furnace Repair

Keep your family and friends warm in your home this winter by having our team come check up on your heating unit. The furnace pushes warm air throughout the house in the winter and cool air during the summer. It is important to have a Cary heating and air professional such as Anthony's Air Service LLC take a close look at your furnace to ensure that it is working at its optimal capacity in tandem with the other equipment that may already be installed in your homeWe will make certain your furnace is clean and safe to turn on.

Cary’s leading specialist in furnace repair and inspection, Anthony's Air Service, has many years of experience in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We are able to work on both large and small scale residential and commercial heating units. We will give you honest suggestions on the type of heating unit that is best suited for your needs.

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general maintenance and heating unit repairs in your home!
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Preventative Maintenance Plan

It is recommended to provide routine upkeep for your heating and cooling unit in your home. Anthony's Air Service LLC can provide preventative maintenance plans for area residents which will help them keep warm in the winter and cool in the North Carolinian summer!

Arranging for a regular HVAC maintenance service an affordable way to ensure that your HVAC system is properly maintained so that you minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns that can be costly and unsafe. Anthony's Air Service LLC provides full-service HVAC maintenance packages to homes and businesses. We have packages for all your HVAC needs, ranging from large scale commercial heating and cooling maintenance to residential HVAC systems.

Whatever your needs and budget, Anthony's Air Service LLC will be sure to find a solution for you.
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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

There are two reasons why indoor air quality is essential in your home: life and money. By breathing in cleaner air that can flow much easily through your home you help improve the quality of you and your family's life in your home. You also save money with cleaner ventilation and ductwork in your home as less air is used to "push" through your home. Call Anthony's Air Service LLC today and we will clean and maintain your ductwork and ventilation in your home!

Anthony's Air Service works with the Highest Quality Products